• Cinnamon, Vanilla Biscuit, Chocolate & Gingerbread
  • Spicy - Gourmet

Beautiful scented candle from L'Aurore's Exclusive Collection range, inspired by the heartwarming festive poem "Les Sapins" by French poet Guillaume Apollinaire. This poem evokes fantastic feelings of Christmas, as the story of magical Christmas trees takes us to this special time of the year. 


"Les Sapins" combines delicious sweet and spicy festive fragrances that awaken our Christmas spirit. The top notes of an intoxicating infusion of star anise and cinnamon lead to a warm heart of gingerbread, clove and nutmeg. These luscious scents sit on a velvety chocolate and rich vanilla biscuit base.

This fragrance reminds us of special times enjoying festive moments around the Christmas tree, in front of a warm fire which is recreated through the soft crackling of the candle wooden wick.

"To shine softly changed

To stars and snow-capped

At blissful Christmas

Feasts of sunken fir trees

To long languid branches

The fir trees beautiful musicians

Sing old Christmases"


Limited edition scented candle from L'AURORE'S Exclusive Collection range

Key Ingredients: Cinnamon, gingerbread, star anise, vanilla biscuits and chocolate.

190g (6.7oz) candle handmade in our workshop, in unique black handblown glass, with the hallmark of the brand L'AURORE affixed to each glass, along with the poem "LES SAPINS"

Duration: about 45 hours of burning

Dimensions: 9 cm x 7.5 cm 

Sold in a stylish and decorative gift box, with the poem transcribed on it. Accompanied by the Candle Guarantee Certificate.

The wax is GMO-free, and palm oil-free. It is unique and created by L'AURORE and manufactured in its workshop. Its quality allows the wax to melt quickly, regularly and releasing all of its scents very quickly.

The wick of the "LES SAPINS" candle is made of wood. The candle burns with a beautiful flame and a soft crackling.

The fragrance is made from high quality raw materials (IFRA standard). The fragrance concentration is high, resulting in a real olfactory finish. Your candle will scent a large space.

You can also appreciate your candle to a musical background through an associated playlist on Deezer, specially created for the perfume "LES SAPINS". Experience this unique sensory moment by following the "L'AURORE" account on Deezer.

Beautiful candle for those who are excited about the idea of decorating the famous Christmas tree.

Ideal for people who love fresh, woody and spicy scents;)

We put great importance on manufacturing quality products for you, in line with our values :

  • - Our candles are made by hand with care, guaranteeing optimum diffusion of the perfume and high quality burning. Our products are not tested on animals.
  • - All our raw materials come from suppliers in France and in Europe (Italy, Germany, Benelux) to limit our carbon footprint. Our waxes do not contain any GMO or pesticides.
  • - Our perfumes are created in our laboratory in Paris
  • - Our accessories (burners, wick-scissors, etc.) have been selected with care from our partners, for their quality and design

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