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custom-candles | L'Aurore Paris

Create or recreate your personalized candle

You have a perfume in mind that you would like to create? It is now possible! Create your own perfume for your scented candle

You have enjoyed beautiful hours with your custom-made candle? You can reorder your unique fragrance.

Select maximum 5 scents among the liste available in the description box below.

Describe also in a few words the perfume of your dreams to guide us for the creation:

- which notes would you like to be the strongest?

- Do you prefer a light or intense fragrance?

- Do you like for example sweet fragrances? Or would you prefer woody, floral...?

Once your choice is validated, we are taking care of everything!

Manufacturing time: between 5 to 10 days

Product customization

Don't forget to save your customization to be able to add to cart

250 char. max

All your custom candles are made by hand in our workshop.

The notes :

floral notes

Rose (accord - mix with natural & synthetic)

Iris / Oris (accord)

Blackcurrant (accord)

Jasmine (accord)

Geranium (naturel - Egypte)

Orange blossom (accord)

fresh notes

Sweet Orange (natural - Italy)

Lemon (natural - Italy)

Bergamot (natural - Italy)

Grapefruit (natural - Cuba)

Litsea (natural - China - lemony verbena)

Green note (synthetic - cut grass)

Helional (synthetic - watermelon)

woody notes

Pine (natural - Siberia)

Amberwood (synthetic, soft and light wood with a touch of amber note)

Leather (synthetic)

Oud (accord)

Incense (Olibanum natural - India)

Cedarwood (natural - Virginia, USA)

Vetiver (natural - Haïti)

Patchouly (natural - Indonesia)

spicy and aromatic notes

Saffron (natural - India)

Cinnamon (natural - China)

Clove (natural - Madagascar)

Cardamom (natural - Guatemala)

Rosemary (natural - Morocco)

Lavender (natural - France)

Mint (natural - USA)

sweet and balsamic notes

Tonka Bean (accord)

Vanilla (accord)

Blond tabacco (accord - more sweet woody scent than the classic tobacco)

*an accord is a mix between several ingredients (natural and/or synthetic) to reproduce a fragrance. We use accords a lot to reproduce especially flowers or silent notes, that are smelling amazing into the nature but that are impossible to extract.

You are unique, create a candle as unique as you!

We put great importance on manufacturing quality products for you, in line with our values :

  • - Our candles are made by hand with care, guaranteeing optimum diffusion of the perfume and high quality burning. Our products are not tested on animals. Your purchase supports our local artisanal handcraft business.
  • - All our raw materials come from suppliers productions in France and in Europe (Italy, Germany, Benelux) to limit our carbon footprint. Our waxes do not contain any GMO or pesticides.
  • - Our perfumes are created in our laboratory in the French Alps
  • - Our accessories (burners, wick-scissors, etc.) have been selected with care from our partners, for their quality and design

Our parcels are shipped from our shop in Paris within 48h (on business days).

Our shipping prices for Metropolitan France (except perfume bottles orders):
relay shipping with Chronopost Shop2Shop (depot in a shop near you): 2,90€ or free delivery for orders over 50€

home delivery: 5,90€ or 2,90€ for orders over 50€

Find all our shipping fees for bottles of perfume and international delivery here: