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Scented candles are a perfect and intimate gift for wedding guests. So make your special day even more extraordinary!


in the image of your love

Make your wedding or other occasion unforgettable for your guests, who will remember your special moment through their beautiful personalised gift!



Several candle sizes are available, all of which can be personalised. They can all come with elegant individual boxes or pouches.

As personalisation is the very essence of our brand, we also offer you the possibility to create your own perfume for your wedding!

This collection is available from 25 pieces, and it is advisable to allow a period of 8 weeks for manufacturing.

Specialists in the artisanal manufacturing of candles and scented products since 2013, we offer a collection specially designed for your wedding or event (baptism, birthday, etc.).

Registered with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, we are proud to contribute to your great day with our experience, know-how and products made with attention to detail by hand in our workshop located in the Alps.

We also want to work with local suppliers to support the industry in our country. With our wax harvested in France, we help support our economy, French farmers and manufacturers.

We also guarantee you the best raw materials, providing the best price-quality.

It is essential to us to be able to offer you quality products that are not harmful to you or our planet!

This is why we carefully choose all of our ingredients for their quality, as well as their ability to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible. We exclusively use suppliers from France and Europe (Italy, Germany and Benelux).

The wax used consists of sunflower and soy wax (produced and harvested in France and Benelux only), without GMOs or pesticides. Our wicks are made from untreated linen or cotton (woven in Germany).

We make our perfumes in our laboratory located in Paris with essences from Grasse, the home of Perfumery in France. No product or raw material has been tested on animals.

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