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Discover our collection of candles and scented products, tailored to the needs of your business: All our products are made by hand in France, eco-responsible, unique and elegant, and at the fairest prices.

Do not hesitate to contact our team, who will be able to advise and support you throughout your project:

Your own branded scented candles will be a unique, inventive and appreciated marketing tool. As your sense of smell is the most powerful sense in the human brain, you will create a lasting memory of your business for your current and prospective customers.

These products are suitable for all types of occasions: Your brand’s line of scented candles for sale in your shop or establishment; as a gift for your customers; to create an olfactory identity of your brand or for an upcoming event.


And choose all the elements!

Several formats and glasses are available which are fully customisable to your candle with label or screen printing.

Each product can be sold with fully personalized packaging, with images or labels.

Our possibilities are endless and we can work on ambitious and inventive tailor-made projects!

Do not hesitate to contact us to propose your project to us. We can also fill your own containers!

Registered in the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, we are proud to promote French craftsmanship and bring these unique products to everyone's attention.

We produce all of our fragrances in our laboratory located in our boutique in the heart of Paris.

Our job is also to listen to your requests and creative ideas and to advise you as best as possible, from the conception to the realisation of your special product

Essential to us is that all our raw materials (glasses, packaging, wax, wicks, ...) come from France and Europe in order to limit our carbon footprint in the production chain as much as possible :

  • - The glasses of our candles come from Italy; they are lacquered and screen printed in France (Aube and Isère) - Our packaging is made in Isère and Italy
  • - Our wicks are woven in Germany
  • - As for our wax, the sunflowers are harvested in France and in the Benelux, in Isère (France) for the walnuts
  • - The extracted oil is then transformed into wax in France

Our years of experience have allowed us to select the best suppliers, ensuring the best quality, experience and value for money.

Hand pouring allows us greater flexibility to meet your requirements in terms of quantities and deadlines, and adapt to all types of projects and carefully control each of our products.

As each of your candles is unique, we test and evaluate them before production to guarantee you a quality candle, with proper diffusion, and optimal and uniform burning without smoke emission.

You can choose between our two wax mixes (all GMO and pesticide free): a mixed blend, mainly composed of soya with parrafine, or a 100% vegetable blend, composed mainly of sunflower with soy.

You will also have the choice between classic wicks (cotton or linen, both untreated) or crackling wooden wicks.


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  • 190g candle
  • Screen-printing on the glass & custom-made box